Learn TypeScript w/ Mike North

App vs Library Concerns

October 27, 2023

Table of Contents

TypeScript: App vs. Library Concerns

Myths (almost always)

  • ❌ “No more runtime errors”
  • ❌ “My code will run measurably faster”

Most TS Codebases

  • Improved developer experience, including in-editor docs for your dependencies
  • Reduced need to “drill into” files to understand how adjacent code works
  • Micro “rigor” that adds up to macro benefits I can type things well-enough and let the system help me when I cross the threshold beyond which I “remember” what’s going on, and what types a particular value could be
  • Developers can encode more of their intent
  • More formalized and stable contracts “between things” (i.e., one component to another)
  • Coloring inside the lines

    • Stay on the public API surface of your dependencies
    • Catch incomplete refactorings
    • Some subset of runtime errors moved to compile time
    • Using an ES2020 feature while needing to support ES2017
    • Momentarily forgetting about browser or node APIs

(mostly) App-specific concerns

  • More richness when working with data
  • Better encapsulation tools, to facilitate maintaining lazy loading boundaries
  • Improved “major version upgrade” story for typed libraries

(mostly) Library-specific concerns

  • Create and maintain a deliberate public API surface …while still being able to create a private API surface to use between modules or components
  • Keep your users on track (i.e., enums allow you to signal allowed value sets better than number)
  • SemVer (deprecations, breakage)
  • API Docs

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