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Types At Runtime

October 27, 2023

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Types at Runtime

TypeScript is a build-time-only tool, and this is part of why it performs well. The cost of a runtime type system is not trivial, and in browsers (particularly on limited-performance devices like cheap android phones) there’s not a whole lot of performance to spare.

What we can do is take advantage of places where compile-time type-checking and runtime behavior align, to ensure that our static tools (like TS) provide information that’s as complete as possible.

User-defined type guards are one of the most important tools available to accomplish this.

We’re going to start exactly where we left off in the previous exercise

--- a/src/utils/networking.ts
+++ b/src/utils/networking.ts
@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ async function getJSON(input: RequestInfo, init?: RequestInit) {
* @param path
* @param init
-export async function apiCall(path: string, init?: RequestInit) {
+export async function apiCall(path: string, init?: RequestInit): Promise<unknown> {
let response;
let json;
try {

and use type guards to ensure that we have some validation of incoming data at runtime, without doing something foolish like attempting to run the ts compiler in each user’s browser. All of the files that use this apiCall function will now be unhappy, and it’s your job to make some user-defined type guards to make things work again.

create a new file src/type-guards.ts and build the following functions such that they provide a meaningful runtime check that can be used as a guard for compile-time type-checking.

import { IChannel, IMessage, ITeam } from './types';
export function isTypedArray<T>(
arr: unknown,
check: (x: any) => x is T,
): arr is T[] {}
export function isTeam(arg: any): arg is ITeam {}
export function isChannel(arg: any): arg is IChannel {}
export function isMessage(arg: any): arg is IMessage {}

and then apply these guards for all files in the /src/data/ folder using patterns like

// Single resource
.then(channel => {
(parameter) channel: unknown
if (!isChannel(channel))
throw new Error('getChannelById: received invalid data from server')
return channel;
(parameter) channel: IChannel
// Collection
.then(channels => {
(parameter) channels: unknown
if (!isTypedArray(channels, isChannel))
throw new Error('getChannels: received invalid data from server')
return channels;
(parameter) channels: IChannel[]

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