Learn TypeScript w/ Mike North

Challenge 1: Building a typed data store

March 22, 2022

Table of Contents

The Challenge

Let’s get some hands on experience working with template literal types by building a data store, whose method names are based on the type of entities we’re managing.

If you look at the starting point code for this exercise, you’ll see the following

export interface DataEntity {
id: string
export interface Movie extends DataEntity {
director: string
export interface Song extends DataEntity {
singer: string
export type DataEntityMap = {
movie: Movie
song: Song
export class DataStore {}

This DataEntityMap object should drive a lot of what happens to DataStore.

Ultimately, DataStore should end up with methods like

const ds = new DataStore()
ds.addSong({ id: "song-123", singer: "The Flaming Lips" })
id: "movie-456",
director: "Stephen Spielberg",
ds.getSong("song-123") // returns the song
ds.getMovie("movie-456") // returns the movie
ds.getAllSongs() // array of all songs
ds.getAllMovies() // array of all movies
ds.clearSongs() // clears all songs
ds.clearMovies() // clears all movies

It’s ok to define these explicitly in the DataStore class, but they should be type-checked against the DataEntityMap type in some way.


  • If you mis-name a method on the class (e.g., getSongs instead of getAllSongs), you should get some sort of type error that alerts you that you’ve broken the established pattern
  • If you add a new entity like Comic (shown below) and make no other changes to your solution, you should get some sort of type error that alerts you to the absence of a clearComics, getAllComics and getAllSongs method.
+export interface Comic extends DataEntity {
+ issueNumber: number
export type DataEntityMap = {
movie: Movie
song: Song
+ comic: Comic
  • There should be no externally-visible properties on an instance of DataStore beyond the required methods
  • Your code, and the test suite should type-check
  • All pre-existing tests should pass


First, if you haven’t done so already, clone the workshop project for this course

git clone https://github.com/mike-north/making-typescript-stick
cd making-typescript-stick

Make sure you have Volta installed. If you haven’t done so already, just run the following to install it

curl https://get.volta.sh | bash

Next, let’s install our dependencies


and finally, let’s navigate to the folder containing this specific challenge

cd challenges/data-layer

You can now run the test suite by running yarn test

Your job is to modify the code in ./src/index.ts until all of the requirements of this exercise are met


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