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Making TypeScript Stick

Tackle a series of challenges designed to reinforce your knowledge and make the important concepts truly "stick" in your mind.


We'll discuss the inspiration and goals of this course, and how to best build your TypeScript understanding over time

02JS/TS Warm-up Quiz

Before jumping in, let's get those neurons firing by taking a quick quiz. Remember, wrong answers aren't anything more than an indication of where you need a little more practice!

03Recent updates to TypeScript

We'll discuss a curated list of advancements in the TS language and compiler, starting with the 4.0 release.

05Game 1: Does it compile?

Let's play a game! We'll look at a few TypeScript code samples and see if we can figure out if they will compile

06Challenge 2: Typing jQuery

Just for fun (and practice), we'll write our own version of jQuery, built on top of the now standardized DOM APIs.

10Challenge 4: Penpal types

Take on one of the real-world challenges that Mike encountered on his path to becoming a typescript pro!

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